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CLST GmbH is a customer oriented provider of equipment for controlled rate freezing, storage and transport of medical and biological materials.

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Freezing - KLF Contact Freezer Series

CLST develops and produces the most sophisticated and fastest contact shock freezer for controlled rate freezing (-40°C) of blood plasma on the market.

Because speed matters.

Transportation - KLT Cryo Transportation Systems

Our transport systems are customized products for different temperature ranges and transit times needed.

KLT products are the link between controlled rate freezing, remote storage and the end-user of the goods - pharmaceutical/clinical application.

Keeping the cold chain intact.

Customizable Storage -  KLS Cryo Storage Systems

Our customizable, modular cryo storage system with permanent documentation is the optimal solution for blood banks, biobanking facilities and pharmaceutical industries.

Automated storage and retrieval processes as well as tracebility of all probes in the system throughout the entire life-time are key features.

Documentation -  CLST Database Software Solutions

All of our products can be matched with tailored software solutions to meet our customers expectations in regards to process control and GMP-compliant documentation of vital parameters.

This provides the ability to prove the product quality throughout the full process - from freezing procedure to transportation and storage.